SENEDIA is the lead for the Real Jobs Rhode Island Defense Industry Partnership grant to implement workforce development plans in Rhode Island in partnership with industry, academic and non-profit partners. The grant provides funding to develop solutions needed to address business and talent needs in the Rhode Island defense and non-defense sectors in IT/Cybersecurity, engineering, business support functions, and for military veterans.

SENEDIA recruits candidates from all Rhode Island schools with relevant programs, Rhode Island residents studying at out-of-state colleges and universities, and military veterans to place with SENEDIA member companies, partner organizations, and other businesses with IT/Cybersecurity, engineering, and business support functions. Internships are on a rolling basis with interns recruited year-round.

SENEDIA, through our Real Jobs RI grant, provides a stipend of $1500 to the intern.

Interns are also afforded the opportunity to take online trainings, paid for by SENEDIA with Real Jobs RI grant funds. Online courses include CompTIA Security+ training with one voucher to take Security+ exam leading to certification; Supply Chain Fundamentals; and Project Management Fundamentals.

Intern Requirements & Eligibility:

  • U.S. citizen to work in a defense contracting company or other RI company
  • Minimum of 8 hours per week for 10 weeks (flexible)
  • 2nd year Community College of Rhode Island student, 4th year/graduate school Rhode Island university & college students, Rhode Island residents who are in 4th year/graduate school at an out-of-state college/university, or a military veteran.

If interested in an internship, please email your resume to for an application.

If your company is able to host an intern during the COVID19 response, please let us know…SENEDIA has several great candidates, both cyber/IT and engineering.  Please contact Linda Larsen at