SENEDIA Partners/Impact

Real Jobs RI

SENEDIA is the lead for the Real Jobs Rhode Island Defense Industry Partnership grant.

Undersea Technology Innovation Consortium

To facilitate collaborative, rapid development of innovative undersea and maritime technology.

Maritime Cybersecurity Center

To create heightened, timely awareness of cybersecurity threats and mitigation strategies.

Economic Impact of RI Defense Sector

The RI Defense Cluster is strategically important to the economy of Rhode Island.  It is an innovative and high-tech sector that contributes to economic growth and generates high-paying jobs.  Read the report here:  Economic Impact of the RI Defense Cluster – August 2017 – FINAL

Highlights from the report:

7.6% RI GDP – $4.3 Billion

6.2% RI total employment

~30K RI total jobs supported

Multiplier: 100 RI defense jobs support 119 community jobs

Highest RI wage sector: average salary:$70k private/$92k public