Our Charter


Defense and Homeland Security organizations in Southeastern New England provide unique services of exceptional value to our Nation. These organizations and the industry that supports them have a significant positive impact on the local and state economies of southeastern New England. Thousands of households have one or more members whose work is directly associated with the Federal Government, many others benefit indirectly.

The co-location of these organizations in Southeastern New England provides opportunities and synergies, available in few other venues, for technology development for National Defense and potential transfer to non-Government applications.

The Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, begun in 1991 and continuing through the implementation of decisions made in the 2005 round, and potential future round in 2017, has had a significant impact on Department of Defense activities in Southeastern New England. SENEDIA’s genesis in 2002 anticipated the 2005 round. The need for a regional advocate and source of information will continue to be vital.

Our military is adapting to changes in the international security environment and national security imperatives. Apart from BRAC, the shape and size of the regional components of the Department of Defense respond to many forces and are subject to change at any time. Similarly, the research, development, acquisition, operational and training programs that those components support are being continually examined and adjusted. SENEDIA closely monitors and assesses conditions affecting regional defense infrastructure and programs and ensures that stakeholders are kept informed.

The Department of Homeland Security is continuing to evolve and mature since its inception under the Homeland Security Act of 2002. SENEDIA recognizes the potential for increased Department of Homeland Security activity affecting Southeastern New England.


  • Advocate policies and legislative initiatives which will positively affect the welfare of Southeastern New England Defense and Homeland Security organizations and the SENEDIA industry members that support those organizations.
  • Provide elected officials with the information necessary to fully represent the positions and needs of those constituents associated with the Federal Government in Southeastern New England. These officials include Federal, State and local legislators who represent areas of interest for southeastern New England, including Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
  • Enhance the relationships between the community, its elected representatives, and the Department of Defense / Department of Homeland Security /Federal Government organizations.
  • Inform and educate the citizens of Southeastern New England of the economic impact of the presence of Department of Defense / Department of Homeland Security /Federal Government organizations.


The alliance shall consist of representatives of companies and other organizations who support its mission and objectives. Additionally the alliance may include public and private sector representatives as determined by the Board of Directors. All members are responsible for the identification of issues and recommendation of initiatives that support the mission and objectives of the alliance.


A Board of Directors shall determine the policies and direction of the alliance. It shall be made up of representatives from active members of the alliance.

Sub-committees, as determined by the Board, will be established and disestablished as necessary to maintain liaison with specific areas of interest.

The advice and counsel of retired flag officers, senior government civilians and senior representatives of the defense industry will be solicited as appropriate.

External Relationships

The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance will establish and maintain relationships with other organizations whose charters are complementary or related and will help achieve the alliance’s objectives.