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Rhode Island Defense Industry Skill Gap Study – 2012

The deep technical and domain knowledge of the defense workforce in Rhode Island is a competitive advantage that the Defense Industry Partnership intends to enhance through identifying and addressing critical skill gaps. In addition to investing in professional development for their own workforce, a significant number of employers in Rhode Island’s Defense Sector are supporting the workforce development pipeline at the college, high-school, and sometimes middle school level.


Career Pathways

Career Pathways are a workforce development strategy that supports workforce development and  provides a framework that is critical to workforce and economic development.  Career Pathways typically:

  • Promote connections between education and workforce/economic development
  • Provide a seamless transition from high school to college
  • Focus on high skill, high demand, and high wage careers
  • Increase emphasis on attainment of a technical skill proficiency, degree/credential.

For additional information on RI Defense career pathways, click here.

There were earlier efforts by the  Defense Industry Partnership to develop four career pathways:

Defense Engineering

Defense Technician

Defense Production

Defense Business Administration.

Click here for specific details of those Defense career pathways.